Our aim is to help you enhance your mobility outside of the home. We strive to help you regain total freedom. Trackz Mobilité empowers you with the tools and opportunities to do the things you love, like playing with your children in your own backyard or going to the beach with friends.

Whatever it is you’re dreaming about, your next fishing trip or even flying a kite in an open field, planning a romantic hike with your sweetheart or watching your granddaughter play on the soccer field, we’re here to help you get back on track if you’ve lost your mobility.

“I couldn’t believe that there were so few options for me to be able to play outside with my kids!”

– Trackz Mobility founder


Trackz Mobility is a company founded by different business owners and engineers mainly in the metallurgy industry

Our unique production method enables our customers to order online without fear of being wrong in their measurements.

Our goal

Our goal is to increase the mobility of active people struggling with disabilities.


We design, produce and sell fully adjustable, light and affordable off-road Wheelchairs.